THI Home inspections in San Diego


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Specializing in old homes

along with condos and new construction


Welcome to THI, a unique Home Inspection company based in Portland Oregon and San Diego California with over 13 years of inspection experience and more than 15 years prior building, contracting as well as architectural know how.


Our inspectors are certified licensed and bonded and will provide you with a home inspection experience, customer service and friendly attitude unlike any other.


See what a home inspection can be, learn about your home and rest assured that we'll be there for you during the inspection, after the inspection is completed and for years to come!  Yes!  That's correct!  we provide ongoing help, advice and consultation as well as visits back to your home should the need for that occur.


Standard home inspections are $450.  Specials are available at our new San Diego location!  Ask about introductory pricing and Military discounts.


Condo inspections are discounted based on the size of the unit.  There will be an additional charge for homes over 4000 sq. ft. which will be determined at the time of booking.


Reinspections, consulting and follow up visits are free of charge


Home inspections are conducted according to the standards of practice.  Most organizations and states have adopted some version of ASHI standards and practice and inspectors generally stick closely to those standards.  Many offer additional inspections and high tech gimmicks but ultimately we all basically do the same thing.  (Some better and some...not so much).  We follow Oregon Standards of Practice as put forth by the State CCB (Oregon Inspections) and The California Residential Standards of practice (CREIA) when inspecting California properties 





Here at THI we try to make things a little more interesting.  We will work with you at the home.  Produce a voiceover document with images right there at the site.  Our review, your questions.  A full report with summary and recommendations will be generated that same day or early next morning.  


Can't be there for the inspection?  No problem!  We still provide you with a recorded  review and recommendations.  You may be out of town, busy at work, but ultimately it is as if you were there with us during the entire process!  Attic, roof, crawlspace and all!


Now if you're ready, let's get to work!