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General Home/Townhouse Inspection

Under 1000 sq. ft. - $500 to $550

1000 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. - $575

2000 sq ft  to 3000 sq ft -  $625

3000sq ft and up - $675 and up. (Contact THI for an estimate) 


$425 and up  (Fees increase based on size of unit and accessible systems in Unit, i.e. water heater, furnace, etc..)

Auxiliary Dwelling Units

$100 and up (An estimated max cost will be provided)

Other unfished detached structures, if requested, start at $25 (garage or shop)

California Only

Pool safety only inspection -  $50

Basic pool inspections - $150  (Visual inspection of pool equipment, pool and decking, as well as electrical panel)   

Basic Re-inspection Fees 

The sole purpose of a re inspection is to ensure that all work has been completed as requested by an official Repair Addendum.

Please provide our inspector with all receipts that were submitted by a licensed, bonded contractor.  The inspector will provide written confirmation of completed work via email. Inspectors cannot comment on the quality and durability of the work performed, the inspector simply verifies that the work has been completed.  (Any substandard workmanship and resulting issues are the liability of the contractor hired to perform the job.)  No additional reports or addenda to the original report are issued.  Re-inspection payment is for the inspector's time only. 

All Re-Inspections are $135 (Check or Venmo) or $145 (Credit Card or PayPal). Payment is due at the re-inspection and should be made out directly to the attending inspector.  You call also pay via PayPal on our website or can be called in at 503-730-5250.  


Venmo:   @Marc-Trunz (last 4 digits of phone number: 5250)

Personal Check:  Made out to the attending inspector.  Mailed checks are not accepted.

Additional fees apply for the following types of payments.

Credit Cards:  Add 3.5% to your fee and call (503) 730-5250

PayPal:  Add $18 to your fee and click Buy Now button (on our website)


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